Grow My Business

Growing Your Business

When we think about the growth of our business the immediate reaction is, “get more customers” and, in most cases this is correct. The more difficult question is, “how?”

One of the most effective ways is Referral Marketing. This is where business networking comes into its own. Joining a networking group/club is a good way to start. Getting to know other business owners and managers, having them learn about you, your business and your existing clients and then talking positively about you to their customers, suppliers and friends will produce the introductions you need; especially when you do the same for them.

Your website is important. It should generate new business on a regular basis. If it doesn’t do this, you need help. At Working Breakfast you will get advice on content, graphics, layout, functionality, SEO and anything else you may need. WB Members join on the understanding that they will use their expertise and experience to help any other member who may need it. (Obviously, if you ask a fellow member to build you a website, you will be charged – however, you can expect to get a very good deal.)

Depending on your product or service, Social Media can be a good source of leads. Need advice? See the comments above.

Sometimes, getting more introductions and leads is not the solution. Time can be a problem; are you still doing your own bookkeeping? Outsource it!

The Working Breakfast Boardroom Experience

Talking to fellow members can provide good advice in practically any area of business but sometimes you need something more. The Working Breakfast Boardroom Experience is unique. Any member can present a business plan, a new project, or a problem to a “Board of Directors” made up of 6 – 8 WB members with relevant experience, who will then spend a full morning discussing, questioning and suggesting solutions. There is no charge for this benefit.

Visit a Working Breakfast meeting and see for yourself.