Business Support

Finding Support

Every business needs support, but each one is different, with different strengths and weaknesses. The variety of skills and expertise to be found in Working Breakfast groups ensures that, whatever kind of support you need, there will almost certainly be an expert in your group who can help. And, if there isn’t we will introduce you to someone from another Working Breakfast group.

Very often, advice is offered informally and without charge. Professional services, e.g. accountancy, will, of course, be charged but, even then, members are often offered special rates. Some of the special offers open to members are listed on our ‘Member Benefits’ page.

The Working Breakfast Boardroom

The Working Breakfast Boardroom Experience is unique. Any member can present a business plan, a new project, or a problem to a “Board of Directors” made up of 6 – 8 WB members with relevant experience, who will then spend a full morning discussing, questioning and suggesting solutions. There is no charge for this benefit, which users report to be extremely valuable.