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Johnston Horsburgh

Johnston Horsburgh (JH) is a specialist Business Development and Marketing company.   We provide that extra pair of hands for when you or your team are busy and don’t have the time to undertake new business projects.

If you are resource constrained and want to find new markets for your products or services, we help. Often companies feel vulnerable due to over-dependence on a few large clients or sectors. There’s a need to diversify – but sometimes daily activity takes priority over long-term development.

Growing a company has different sets of challenges to starting a business and the biggest of these is where to focus – on servicing existing clients or on developing new customers and markets.  This is where JH delivers real value.

  1. A fresh pair of eyes. With 45 years senior management experience, we identify and investigate options for business and sales growth. We are impartial when it comes to providing recommendations on which markets are more viable and attractive than others.
  2. Dedicated resource. As an extra pair of hands JH undertakes assignments without being drawn into the day-to-day sales and delivery activity.
  3. Rapid delivery. Whether the project is for days or weeks, it is undertaken and completed to agreed deadlines and costs.

So…..invite us for an initial free discussion. Email [email protected] – or call Alasdair direct on 07876 498 047 or 01275 331 519.

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