“I have had the privilege of working with Rodger and being a member of his Working Breakfast enterprise for many years. As the leader of the Bristol groups he works hard to ensure that all who attend get excellent value for money. Networking is his forte and he uses it to good effect to support his members both as the organiser and the central point of reference; if you need a contact in a particular sphere of work, Rodger knows the’man who can’! I recommnend that you contact Rodger to give Working Breakfast a try.”
Terry Andrews, Utility Warehouse
“Working Breakfast has been fantastic for Reabur, having joined very shortly after setting up the business it has delivered both in terms of business referrals, but also providing a trusted network of colleagues. Rodger is integral to the Working Breakfast community and I would urge anyone considering referral marketing as an income stream to talk to him.”
Kirsty Burgess
“I can wholeheartedly recommend Roger. He is completely professional and made me feel very much at ease in the business networking arena. He is an excellent networker himself + was able to introduce me to many other like-minded professionals.”
Debra Frazer, Partner, LHP LAW LLP
Debra Frazer, LHP LAW LLP
“I have worked with Rodger Scott in building his Working Breakfast business in and around Bristol over the last three months, attending groups and helping to him to establish these. During this time Rodger has provided me with a great insight into how business to business networking builds business trust and helps win business for those involved. I can wholeheartedly recommend Rodger as totally trust worthy with a lot of knowledge as to how networking can help provide you with great results. He is also great fun to know and work with.”
Philip Wilson, Tidy Software Ltd
“I joined Working Breakfast and have only good experiences to report. Whilst there isn’t the pressure and formality of other networking organisations, Working Breakfast provides an informal but positive approach to networking. I have made priceless contacts who’ve been able to help my own business as well as gaining referral business. Rodger is tireless in his devotion to the concept and this is evident.”
Paul Hutchinson
“Rodger was instrumental in getting me involved with the Mendip Exchange group of Working Breakfast, which has been a great success for me. Rodger has a natural talent for getting like minded people together, for the benefit of their businesses and their own development.”
Nigel Cook, Utility Warehouse