Working Breakfast FAQ

We have listed a number of the most asked questions about our business networking forum. If you have any questions that are not answered please do email, call or contact: Rodger Scott, [email protected] or call him on, 07710 617 751.

You have done it all your life – for your friends. Working Breakfast is simply an excellent way to make new friends.

Business Networking is simply getting to know, like and trust other business people. It is about helping them wherever possible and, in return, getting the help you need to grow your business.

Working Breakfast allows business professionals, owners, and entrepreneurs alike to build and maintain these relationships essential to their business success; and to do so in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Book in for one of our breakfast meetings and give it a try – no obligation.

Working Breakfast promotes your business in several ways. As a member, you will be working with a group of like – minded professionals all of whom will be working with you in promoting your business. Your very own team of Business Ambassadors!

At almost every breakfast members and Working Breakfast will be bringing guests to your Venue. Any one of these could be your new client, or introduction, or maybe the business partner you are waiting for.

You will be promoted through our website. Every member has their own space on the Working Breakfast website and can promote their business with words, photos or video. These pages are, of course, linked to the member’s own website.

You will also be promoted to the wider world through an introductory e-mail campaign – at no cost.

Receiving and giving business to each of the members of the team creates a rapport and a business friend. What would you do for the person who gave you the introduction that earned you thousands of pounds in new business?

All the members or guests alike at your particular Venue or Group will have the chance to carry your business cards, brochures and leaflets and, given the chance will pass it on to potential clients or introductions.

Members will learn about your business and actively look for opportunities to recommend you. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in marketing.

We are seeing more and more “Strategic Alliances” where members are working together to promote their business. The results can be quite extraordinary!

The best way to find out more is to visit your local venue or the venue in which you intend to promote your business. You will be made welcome and can participate fully in the breakfast event – with no obligation. You will have plenty of opportunity to meet and talk to the members and, get all the information you need.
Working Breakfast enables you to build strong business relationships with like minded business people. The results can be any or all of the following…

Working Breakfast can help to make introductions to new clients and create new strategic alliances with its large network of clients.

Working Breakfast and our members offer free help and advice from professionals who would normally charge thousands.

Working Breakfast will enhance your on-line presence through ongoing social media promotion, making both you and your website more visible to search engines.

Added value for your customers; recommend a fellow member and solve a client’s problem in a totally different field of expertise.

Become invaluable as the source of all contacts. The one who can help solve the client’s every problem!

Perhaps even widen your circle of friends and improve your social life!

All you have to do is visit one of our breakfast groups. If you enjoy the experience, just talk to any one of the Executive Team members, who will be introduced during the meeting, and say that you are interested. In most cases they will be able to answer all your questions on the spot. Nobody will pressure you to join, although you may well be invited to visit again.

To visit a Breakfast, just click on “Book a Place” in the header. Meeting dates and venue addresses are all shown on the “Calendar” on the main menu.

Working Breakfast offers two alternatives with regard to Membership:

For established businesses: 1 Year at £598.00

For start-ups in their first year of business, we offer a 12 month contract at £54 per month. Payment by Direct debit

Yearly payment can be made by cheque, by secure online payment using your Credit Card or by BACS but, before you worry about this, come along to a breakfast meeting and see for yourself. The only way to evaluate any networking group is to attend one or two meetings as a guest; meet the members and ask them how they benefit.

At Working Breakfast we promise that there will be no pressure to join. If you enjoy the experience and would like to become part of the group, contact one of the Executive Team and arrange to talk about membership.