A Little about Working Breakfast

Working Breakfast Groups provide members with a business network where they enjoy help and support.
Our members offer business advice to other members thus proving their expertise. Through demonstrating their expertise they gain trust and credibility with fellow members and so become easy to refer with confidence.
The groups promote relationship building amongst members which often leads to enduring friendships and long-term business cooperation.

What should I expect from a Working Breakfast?

Networking is all about building personal relationships and making friends. This is a process and requires time and effort. Once these friends understand your business, they can and will recommend you to people they know, who may be interested in what you have to offer. They will put you in a position to start selling. We recommend that you come to our networking events prepared to build strong relationships over time; we are a friendly bunch and look forward to meeting you.

Working Breakfast is for you if:

  • You need more customers.
  • You need help in areas such as sales, marketing, management accounting or even legal advice.
  • You find that running your own business can be a lonely place.

Meetings, (every second week), follow a set agenda:

  • 15 minutes of informal networking
  • Breakfast
  • Introductions
  • Members and guests have 60 seconds to introduce themselves and define the referrals they need
  • 10 minute Networking Break
  • Presentation by a member (15 minutes)
  • Contributions. Members contribute by giving referrals, bringing guests, offering testimonials and thanks, and reporting on one-to-one meetings

Promoting our members:

Our website has just two objectives; to promote our members and to encourage people to visit our groups.
As a member, you are provided with a webpage to promote your business where you can add a description with the benefits of doing business with you. You are encouraged to add photos and testimonials and a link back to your website- all included in the price of membership. Furthermore, you can advertise your own events and any special offers.

We will also support new members with an introductory e-mail campaign.

Mini Seminars

Working Breakfast runs a programme of half hour seminars, usually delivered by members, on topics of general interest. These seminars are presented as informational helping the audience to garner a little more knowledge about topics that can affect their business lives and business decisions.

Social Evenings:

A programme of dinner and/or drinks get-togethers for members of all groups, intended to encourage cross-group friendships and collaboration in a relaxed setting.

Visits to other Working Breakfast Groups:

Where possible, members are encouraged to visit other Working Breakfast groups, with the objective of extending their individual networks.

Networking Workshops:

Additional breakfast meetings are scheduled as needed for members to improve and develop networking skills.